Haring Center's Professional Development Unit (PDU)

Professional development at the PDU is dynamic and lifelong. 

We offer opportunities for professional growth with on-site training, as well as live and recorded webinars.

On-site Training is interactive and includes hands-on learning with a combination of lecture and activities for applied learning. Participation in an on-site training also includes opportunities for real life connections and interactions with classrooms at the Experimental Education Unit.

Live Webinars are participatory and engaging for active learning. Using the adobe connect platform, participants interact through polls, Q & A, and with short answers. Live webinars are also a great way to connect with other professionals.

Recorded Webinars are for the busy professional wanting to learn sustainable, translatable skills. These webinars can be completed anytime, anywhere and include learning on pertinent, innovative topics to meet the needs of our professions.