Webinar: ABA Business 101 Business Fundamentals

ABA Business 101 Business Fundamentals

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The first part of this Business Series: ABA 101 will have an administrative focus that concentrates on how to open and manage an ABA business as a business leader. Topics will include components of state licensing, liability insurance, employees vs. contractors, outsourcing vs. insourcing tasks, in-network vs. out-of-network services, insurance vs. private pay, taxes, scheduling, billing, credentialing, authorizations, on-boarding new staff, administrative policies and procedures, as well as overall management strategies.

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If you are interested in both ABA 101 and 102, consider registering for the ABA Business 100 Series Combo course and save $25! Cost for both ABA 101 & 102: $85 (includes 3 CEUs)

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