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ABA Business 102 Clinical Fundamentals

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Are you interested in launching your own ABA Business? This webinar is the second in a series of webinars that will guide participants through the often complicated steps in running an ABA company in today’s business climate. While information presented will be introductory in nature, it will serve as a “checks and balances” role for new ABA businesses to gauge if the administrative and clinical processes they are engaging in are correct and comprehensive.

 ABA 102 has a clinical focus that concentrates on how to manage the clinical responsibilities needed in effective and ethical programming from a leadership perspective. Topics will include components of handling referrals, authorizations, conducting intakes, assessment and reassessment, functional behavior assessment, treatment planning, technician vs. BCBA delivery of therapy, supervision, care coordination, ethical clinical decision making, insurance/funding source constraints, and discharge, as well as general overall clinical management strategies typical of a clinical director.

Presenter: Christopher Jones, PhD, BCBA-D

Date: 4/6/2018

Time: 10:00am - 11:45am PST

Cost: $65

2 BACB CEUs Included

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